The ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’ a treasure chest full of miraculous scenery and traditions.


Montenegro is an excellent choice for holidays for its remarkable features; history, culture, tradition, excellent weather, clean air, unspoiled nature, the blue Adriatic Sea.  Such a natural wealth of beauty….. calm beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers, and gorgeous mountains could be hard to find in an area as compact as Montenegro, but everything is close-by and accessible. Wake up on the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake, enjoy an evening walk in the mountains.  Montenegro cannot leave you indifferent.


Unforgettable! Harmonious aromas of; sea salt, mimosa and oleanders, mountain flowers, eternal snow, Austrian pines, bread baking in mountain cottages.  Intriguing old towns of narrow streets and stony stairs, inhabited by unusually beautiful, tall people. 


Here there are three types of waves – listen to them coming from the sea, lakes and rivers. Accompanied by the scream of eagles and seagulls, the whispers of trees in the virgin forest, the sound of bells on the lead male of the herd, and the laughter of beloved ones on the beach.   


Mmmm....from sea food specialties, ham of Njeguši, famous cuisine of Skadar Lake, honey from the mountain of Bjelasica, lamb cooked in many traditional ways, to cheese and kačamak in the high mountain cottages, there are many new flavours to try. Enjoy olives from Bar, watermelons from Zeta, dried figs, pomegranate juice, the wines of Crmnica, and mature Vranac.


Something for everyone! This is a place for absolute relaxation and recreation encompassing competitive activities, bursts of adrenalin and discovery thrills on, great ski slopes, fast rivers for rafting and kayaking, many hiking and biking trails. Or, swim and sunbathe in protected bays, long sandy beaches and calm seas. You can have great fun, absorb new energy, all in untouched landscapes.  


This is also a place of carnivals, concerts, traditional fiestas, outdoor theatre in town squares.  Here you can meet today’s richest people in the world in our bustling yacht harbours, and mountain shepherds keepers of wisdoms going back to Homer’s time, whose calmness will make you feel in harmony with stars.


Enchanted with their discovery of Montenegro many keep returning to find another pearl in this unique Mediterranean treasure chest.  Bring your camera to capture the dream-like grandeur of Montenegro, just click and capture the most beautiful memories for your holiday album.

Everyone should visit Montenegro!

Where is Montenegro? Covering only 14,000 km2 with about 670,000 citizens Montenegro is a European, Mediterranean country and one of the most southern states, adjacent to the southern Adriatic Sea.  Its situation on the Balkan Peninsula; about 500 km from Rome; 1,500 km from Paris, and Berlin; about 2,000 km west from Moscow, puts Montenegro in the very heart of Europe.